Charles Martin

Charles Martin playing a synthesiser in a dark street.

I'm Charles Martin.

I'm a computer scientist specialising in music technology, musical AI and human-computer interaction at The Australian National University, Canberra.

I develop musical apps such as MicroJam, and PhaseRings,research creative AI, and perform music with Ensemble Metatone and Andromeda is Coming.

At the ANU, I lead research into intelligent musical instruments. My lab's focus is on developing new intelligent instruments, performing new music with them, and bringing them to a broad audience of musicians and performers.

This website includes my personal blog, portfolio of projects and music, and academic profile.

Recent Posts

How to present a student software project

09 Aug 2020

So you’re a student working on an individual project this semester (how exciting!) and your supervisor has asked you to submit the software as well as a report. So how are you going to present this great work? An email? A zipfile? A USB key?

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A note on tutorials with Teams

16 Jul 2020

This is part 2 of my series of posts on online teaching in 2020; this time I’m going to write about how we set up tutorials for COMP2300 in Microsoft Teams.

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A note on streaming lectures

08 Jul 2020

So it’s been a rough year. After starting the semester in February with half my class of 400 stuck at home in China, we ended up fully-online in March and managed to get the class over the finish line in June—phew! In the few short weeks (days?) before starting all over again at the end of July, I’ll just set down a bit of info for how my online teaching setup works.

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EPEC trip to Oslo

09 Sep 2019

I had a brief (one week) trip to Oslo to catch up on ongoing research projects with colleagues in the engineering predictability with embodied cognition (EPEC) project and at the RITMO Centre.

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Musical ML at NIME2019

06 Sep 2019

I was really excited to be have several submissions accepted at NIME 2019 in Porto Alegre, among several more from the RITMO centre of excellence at UiO. It was really amazing to be at the first NIME in South America and to meet many wonderful musicians and researchers from Brazil and the region.

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