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Percussionist-led-design: Thesis Proposal Review

  • N101 CSIT Building 108, The Australian National University ACT, 0200 Australia (map)

Percussionist-led-design: Investigations of interaction and collaboration on touch screens in musical performance

CSIT, N101, Wednesday 30 October 1pm

Abstract: Percussionists are unique among instrumentalists in that their artistic practice is defined by an approach to interaction rather than their instruments. While percussionists are accustomed to exploring non-traditional objects to create music, these objects have yet to encompass touch-screen computing devices to any great extent.

In Charles Martin's thesis proposal review, he will present the results of a study conducted throughout 2013 that uses a "percussionist-led" methodology. The study reveals a new vocabulary of gestures and musical interactions with touch screens, motivates a new machine-learning based approach to tracking and understanding a musical performance, and yields new musical works demonstrating unexplored musical affordances of iPad tablets.