Ensemble Metatone

Ensemble Metatone performs improvised and experimental music using Charles Martin's iPad-based instruments and percussion.

The group is currently investigating new and unique ways to create compelling music with mobile computers integrated into percussion setups. Their music makes use of personal sound dispersion for each player and networked music techniques to separate the performers sonically while drawing them together musically.

Ensemble Metatone have released two albums. The first self-titled release includes improvisations recorded live in a research-focussed concert taking place in August 2013. The second, "Colour Music" includes both improvisations on a repertoire of iPad apps, and interpretations of new and old works for percussion on the tablets as well as percussion instruments.

Metatone App early prototype.jpg

The Metatone Apps

Ensemble Metatone perform with iPad app-instruments developed by Charles Martin. The apps use two simple sound-making gestures, tapping and swirling to control a reactive instrument that changes under the performer's fingertips.

MetaLonsdale, BirdsNest and Snow Music take performers on a journey through a soundscape with field recordings and samples. PhaseRings, the newest Metatone app, gives performers access to a small selection of notes that change throughout performances.

The Metatone apps are a platform for Charles Martin’s research with sensing touch gestures, networked performance and concept of “app-as-composition” in an improvising ensemble. The philosophy behind the apps is to focus on an eminently simple set of interactions while developing a dynamic instrument that changes in response to the other performers in the group.

The Metatone apps are available for free on the Apple App Store and at metatone.net.

Posts about Ensemble Metatone

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Ensemble Metatone at CIMF

My new group Ensemble Metatone performed our first concert recently as part of the Canberra International Music Festival's free concert series "A Musical Offering".