09 Sep 2019

EPEC trip to Oslo

I had a brief (one week) trip to Oslo to catch up on ongoing research projects with colleagues in the engineering predictability with embodied cognition (EPEC) project and at the RITMO Centre.

06 Sep 2019

Musical ML at NIME2019

I was really excited to be have several submissions accepted at NIME 2019 in Porto Alegre, among several more from the RITMO centre of excellence at UiO. It was really amazing to be at the first NIME in South America and to meet many wonderful musicians and researchers from Brazil and the region.

13 Aug 2019

Commune 6 at Sideway

Christina and I are playing as Ensemble Metatone again next week (it’s been a while!) at Hellosquare recording’s Commune #6 alongside Soft Hollow (Ben Harb - CBR) and Thomas Meadowcroft, an Australian composer visiting from Berlin.

17 Jul 2018

Bela, Myo, and Standstill at NIME2018

In June I travelled to NIME2018 at Virginia Tech to present some of work from the RITMO centre and EPEC project at the University of Oslo. This year, our NIME presentations were focussed on “standstill performance”—where participants have to stand as still as possible to create sound. In previous years, our group had created standstill performances using motion capture in the lab, but our new work was on ways to do this at live events, and even in installations, using the Bela single-board computer.

12 Sep 2017

Neural Network Ensembles in London and Representing Collaborative Interaction

I recently had the chance to present a paper about my “Neural iPad Ensemble” at the Audio Mostly conference in London. The paper, discusses how machine learning can help to model and create free-improvised music on new interfaces, where the rules of music theory may not fit. I described the Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) design that I used to produce an AI iPad ensemble that responds to a “lead” human performer. In the demonstration session, I set up the iPads and RNN and had lots of fun jamming with the conference attendees.

29 May 2017

Music Tech at IFI

We recently hosted a music technology event at the Department of Informatics to gather together researchers and students from the University of Oslo to see performances and demonstrations of current research.

03 May 2017

Performing with a Neural Touch-Screen Ensemble

Since about 2011, I’ve been performing music with various kinds of touch-screen devices in percussion ensembles, new music groups, improvisation workshops, installations, as well as my dedicated iPad group, Ensemble Metatone. Most of these events were recorded; detailed touch and gestural information was collected including classifications of each ensemble member’s gesture every second during each performance. Since moving to Oslo, however, I don’t have an iPad band! This leads to the question: Given all this performance data, can I make an artificial touch-screen ensemble using deep neural networks?

30 Mar 2017

Interactive Music at Oslo Konserthust

We recently had the chance to present some experimental musical instruments developed as part of the EPEC project at Oslo Konserthus as part of their “Score” video game music concert.

10 Jul 2016

Concert at ICAD2016

I joined the ANU Experimental Music Studio to perform several works at the International Conference on Auditory Display at the ANU School of Music last week - here’s some photos!

18 May 2015

Audio Cables for iPad Performance

I’ve been using iPads and iPhones in performances since 2011 and other performers often ask how I connect the iPads to the PA system. The easy answer is “just use the headphone output”, but getting audio cables with a 3.5mm jack that are rugged enough to work on stage can be a bit of a problem.

20 Oct 2014

Frost Beat

In May 2014, while I was travelling through Boston, I had the chance to embark on a mini-tour with Maria Finkelmeier as part of ArtWeek Boston, in between our mallet duo and iPad concerts, we played two nights of experimental music for ice and percussion at the Frost Bar called Frost Beat!

01 Aug 2014

Review: 2014 AMEB Percussion Syllabus

In late 2013, the Australian Music Examinations Board released a new syllabus for percussion from Preliminary level to the Licentiate Diploma. The much anticipated new syllabus completely revises the set pieces and technical work for all levels and works in concert with new publications including grade books from Preliminary to Grade 4, two books of technical work, and a sight-reading book.

25 Jun 2014

Walking to the Airport in Toronto

Recently I flew on Porter airlines from Toronto to Boston - since I was at Toronto’s exhibition centre in the middle of the city, I took the opportunity to walk to the airport! Amazing!

16 Jun 2014

No-Pickup pickups for Vibraphone

A few years ago I was really interested in finding ways to augment the vibraphone with computer music sounds, particularly ways that could fit in my backpack since I was travelling a lot and using other people’s vibes!

18 May 2014

Metatone Apps at CHI2014

At the end of April I presented my Metatone Apps at CHI2014 in Toronto, as well as delivering a short paper.

17 Jan 2014

MetaLonsdale for four iPads

MetaLonsdale is an improvised piece for four iPad performers. The iPad app was written for the opening of an exhibition of David Sequeira’s work at Everything Nothing Projects gallery in Canberra. The concept for the work was to perform with everyday sounds of the artistic precinct that surrounds the gallery as well as pitched percussion sounds. Field recordings were gathered from the café and shops surrounding the gallery. Diatonic pitches from one of three scales were available in MetaLonsdale. A UI buttom cycled through the scales, changing the pitches available to the performers and incorporating a harmonic progression into the instrument.

07 Jan 2014

Ensemble Metatone - Research in Concert

In August 2013, Ensemble Metatone and I performed a short concert of our works for iPad and percussion developed over the previous four months. We played two improvised pieces, MetaLonsdale for four iPads, and MetaTravels for four iPads with percussion.

07 Jan 2014

Bird's Nest iPad app - premiered at PASIC2013!

When Ensemble Evolution and I were planning our showcase concert for PASIC2013, I suggested that I could put togther an iPad app to use in one of our pieces - an idea that Jake and Maria were super excited to support! We decided that our “Bird’s Nest” piece - an improvisation with xylophone, twigs and various percussion accessories recalling the Bird’s Nest treehouse at Treehotel, would work perfectly with an iPad instrument.

01 Dec 2013

Ensemble Evolution tour in Boston!

In November 2013, I visited Boston to meet up with my group from Sweden, Ensemble Evolution. We were preparing for our debut showcase at PASIC2013 by playing a few concerts at the Arnold Arboretum and around Boston! We also had the chance to visit a few of our supporters, Neil Grover of Grover Pro Percussion and Keith Aleo at Zildjian. It was awesome to visit the Grover and Zildjian factories and use some of their exciting new instruments in our performances!

15 Nov 2012

Piteå Percussion Repertoire Festival

In March 2011, Ensemble Evolution hosted the Piteå Percussion Repertoire Festival at Studio Acusticum. More than 40 teachers, performers, composers and students came from around the world to share new music, ideas and inspiration!

08 Oct 2012

NattMusik with Ensemble Evolution

In June 2012, Ensemble Evolution put together a “farewell” tour in Northern Sweden to celebrate everything the area had given to us and enjoy the midnight sun and amazing natural environment.

10 Sep 2012

Hot tip: Self-soaping dish brush

I love these things. Dish washing brushes with a hollow handle that slowly deposits detergent into the sponge. With these, I can wash a few things without making a mess.

03 Aug 2012

New images for a new theme

I’ve updated my website to use Squarespace 6, so to celebrate, here’s some nice images. These are from Oslo and Stockholm, taken in June 2011 with my Olympus XA.

17 Jul 2012

Paper in ACMC 2012

I had a paper published in the proceedings of ACMC2012 (link) which was held at Queensland Conservatorium last weekend! The paper was a short version of the Snow Music project from my Master’s thesis. During the conference, I presented the work in a poster session with this terribly wordy poster:

09 Jun 2012

Recording in Stockholm

Had a little trip down to Stockholm last weekend for a recording session with Anders Åstrand and Evaristo Aguilar - really fun to play with two of my favourite musicians and friends!

15 May 2012

Concert at Palmgren Conservatorium

Ensemble Evolution had a fun concert this weekend at Palmgren Conservatory in Pori, Finland. The highlight for me was our performance of one of my pieces, a nice theory, with the percussion students there and Janne Tuomi from the Osuma Ensemble. We got a great review in the local paper and Maria took a video of my piece! We have to thank Toni Hietala for setting up the concert and all of his support.

11 May 2012

Ensemble Evolution tour to Pori

Ensemble Evolution is on a mini tour in Pori, Finland. I gave a seminar and performance of my music for mobile computer and percussion today and we have a concert tomorrow at Palmgren Conservatory, including a performance of my piece A Nice Theory. Then driving back around the Baltic to Piteå!

26 Feb 2012

A Page of Madness

This week, Ensemble Evolution hosted Bill and Ruth Cahn at Piteå Musikhögskolan to conduct a Creative Music Making workshop for the percussion and master’s students here. As well as seminars and improvised performances in Piteå and at Framnäs Folkhögskola in Öjebyn, we performed “A Page of Madness”, Bill Cahn’s score for the silent film by Teinosuke Kinugasa, together with Bill and Ruth in Studio Acusticum.

08 Feb 2012

Christina's Piteå Ragtime Workshop

When I started Ensemble Evolution with Jacob and Maria in Piteå, we agreed to bring other artists to Piteå for our Percussion Repertoire Festival and other events. Christina wanted to come to our 2012 festival to present a ragtime xylophone workshop following her Honours project in Australia, but when we decided not to run the festival her session turned into a month of ragtime teaching, performances, composition and recording.

28 Oct 2011

Christina and Charles Ragtime Project

Christina’s favourite kind of percussion music is ragtime xylophone, so we’ve decided to start a duo project recording and performing the music of George Hamilton Green, Red Norvo and many others.

29 Sep 2011

Nordlig Vinter at Electrofringe

Heading up to Newcastle tomorrow for Electrofringe and This Is Not Art! The best part is that I’m putting on the first performance of my new project “Norra Vinter” along with my lovely and supportive fiancée, Christina. Norra Vinter is a suite for percussion and iOS reflecting the sights and sounds of life in Northern Sweden, since I’ve used RjDJ to develop the iOS component of the performance, I’ve reworked some of it as an interactive sound experience for the audience to download and take away! So here’s the link (click this using mobile safari on an iOS device!):

19 Aug 2011

lessons in improvisation and jazz vibraphone/marimba

In August and September 2011 I’m offering lessons in improvisation and jazz interpretation on vibraphone and marimba. Lessons will be in my home studio where the student and I will have enough space for collaborative music making and exploration.

06 Aug 2011

Vibes Workshop Concert

Here’s some photos from the final concert of Tony Miceli’s Delaware Vibes Workshop in July 2011. All the participants played a tune with drums and bass and then at the end there was a special “vibraphone orchestra” playing Las Vegas Tango all together! Pretty silly, but a lot of fun!

31 Jul 2011


Touring in NYC.

30 Jul 2011

Lunch in NYC

Chrissy and I had great lunch in the East village yesterday. It was soooo hot.

13 Jul 2011

Posterous exporter for Toto

I’ve been experimenting a bit with a cute blogging engine called Toto and wanted to migrate my Posterous posts so I wrote a little script in Ruby to download them all and format them in a Toto-appropriate way.

30 Jun 2011

cool things at NIME2011

I went to NIME2011 in Oslo a few weeks ago, it was a really fun opportunity to catch up with some contacts in computer music and interactive media and to see what’s going on in the research world at the moment. Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of things that stuck in my mind.

13 May 2011

Jakob Moe + Lisa Stenberg improvisations

Black Hole was a collaborative exhbition and performance nigh at Studio Acusticum in Piteå. Here’s one of Jakob Moe and Lisa Stenberg’s sets. Uniquely positioned in the orchestra pit of the theatre surrounded by loudspeakers and subwoofers, their sculptural setup emphasised the interaction between the two players and drew attention to the the mess of cables that combined and interconnected their instruments. Sonically, their improvisation were engaging and playful. I liked Jakobs combination of free, ambient sections with rhythmic elements, all based on field recordings.

13 May 2011

Crowdfunding musical projects

I’ve been thinking a bit about “crowd funding” recently since some good friends were successful in using Kickstarter to fund their commissioning project for percussion music. Kickstarter is for US residents only but I see that there’s an similar product called Pozible available for Australians.

27 Mar 2011

what do emerging percussionists do?

Since our repertoire festival, I’ve been thinking about what the role of a percussionist should be after they’ve left university. I remember something that Eugene Ughetti (Speak Percussion) said when describing his own move from the academic to professional world:

27 Mar 2011

performance process is iterative!

I’ve been thinking about the whole process of creating a performance (from nothing or from a composition) and what has really worked in the projects I’ve been involved in.

27 Feb 2011

Ice Hotel

On Saturday we rented a car and drove to the Ice Hotel at Jukkasjärvi. Adventure!

22 Jan 2011

Piteå Ice River Walk

today Chrissy and I went for a walk to the river and, to our surprise, there were lots of people hanging out skating, sledding, snowmobiling and even cycling on the ice. we walked to town and sat in the snow to have a picnic. fun! Finally a few hours of proper sun today. Yay!

29 Nov 2010

Composer's Concert

I played in a concert of the school’s composition student’s work. Fun!

11 Nov 2010

At PASIC now.

At PASIC now. The socializing begins. Gosh! So many people!

09 Nov 2010

Chicago bean

This sculpture is super cool. Beautiful, seamless reflection plus an interesting shape. Crazy photo is the view from underneath it. As you walk around the world twists like a kaleidoscope. Amazing! Ps, I am in these photos! It’s like Where’s Wally.

05 Nov 2010

Surreal late night walk in Stockholm

Came to Stockholm to work with Anders, Everisto and Rolf. I hacked together a little video mixer in oF for their concert at PASIC. After late dinner and listening at Anders’ place I walked home to my hotel. Stockholm streets are quiet and surreal even during the day. But especially late at night. Stylish shop keepers leave their lights on so you can see their cool stuff. See below.

03 Nov 2010

More Stockholm Tourism

I had a really fun time walking around Stockholm with Ensemble Evolution + Anna. We went to two museums - the East Asian museum where they had a terracotta warrior exhibit (pretty super cool), and the Vasa museum which houses a ship that sank in 1698 and was salvaged almost complete in the 50s. Interesting story - they built it and it just sank as soon as it was launched, turns out they didn’t know how to build a ship with two gun decks properly.

23 Oct 2010


The water is starting to freeze over.

21 Oct 2010

Views of Piteå

Including - the concert hall (Acusticum) with it’s strange spire thing + my friends Maria and Jake. Some roads, houses and the ocean!

21 Oct 2010

Piteå cooking!

Achievement for the day was to gather the necessary items for cooking dinner and having a bathroom. Headed down to one of two big supermarkets in town, I chose the one called “Coop” rather than “ICA”, which is about 30 minutes walk. Had to limit myself to absolute necessities since I had to carry it all home! 

08 Oct 2010

Wireless Actor Arduino for LMTD.

At NIME someone asked if I had tried using Xbee with my wearable Arduino setup for Last Man to Die. I hadn’t then, but after today…. now I have!

27 Sep 2010

Last Man to Die - Setup at the Blue Room

Spending a few days building our installation and fixing our programs at the Blue Room. It’s the first time in ages that Benjamin and I have been able to talk about our programming interactions and adjust them on the spot. It’s so much faster working on stuff when you’re in the same room!

27 Aug 2010

Brisbane Percussion Gathering!

Christina and I are in Brisbane at the Australian Percussion Gathering. ALL our friends are here, it’s awesome. Status: fun.

15 Aug 2010

Strike on Stage Micro

Charles: I wanted to take Strike on Stage with me overseas, so Lisa and I each made a smaller version of the screen. When I went to the US and Canada recently, I brought my setup with me and performed a solo version of Strike on Stage at Stanford’s CCRMA, a computer music research institution.

15 Aug 2010

Stanford CCRMA Tabletop Interface Workshop

I attended a workshop at Stanford CCRMA about tabletop interfaces which is related to the work that I do in new interfaces using realtime computer vision in performance. At the end of an awesome week talking about the future and past of human computer interaction and having fun with processing, chuck and supercollider, we had a little concert. I played two pieces, my new Study for Table and a micro solo version of Strike on Stage, videos below! and photos!

06 Aug 2010

Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium

Toronto happened to have a mini conference this week PLUS I was nearby. So I came to check it out. So far, it is fun. A guy gave a talk about malletkats. (imagine that?)

28 Jul 2010

Working in CCRMA Listening room

I’m working on a piece for supercollider and multitouch surface at Stanford CCRMA. Today I spent a lot of time in the listening room testing out ideas.

24 Jul 2010

Welcome to California, have fun eating a taco.

The waitress was going around accusing customers of not eating their dinner, so I immediately got scared of not finishing!! Although I didn’t finish it all… luckily she had her back turned while we escaped.

21 Jul 2010

Strike on Stage Micro

Today I worked a lot on Strike on Stage Micro, my portable solo version of Strike on Stage! Next Friday I’m going to present it during a Stanford CCRMA Summer Workshop on Multitouch Tabletop Interfaces.

13 Jul 2010

USB socket repair on Korg Nanokontrol

I bought a Korg NanoKontrol in Japan in February and, before I even had one performance with it, I managed to break the USB connector. Looking inside, I found that it was only held on by weak solder connections so I can’t blame myself too much… Anyway, I looked at it again and realised that I could fix it by soldering a wire from each pin from the USB mini socket to the next component in the circuit. The surface mount soldering was very difficult but it works now. I tried to add some extra tape and foam inside the case so that the socket would be more secure now. Maybe it’ll break again, but at least I have a chance to use it now!

21 May 2010

Testing IR Lighting System for Strike on Stage

We carefully aimed our 8 infrared security lights at the screen and then stuck them in place with velcro. The velcro dots help us to keep the lights in the same direction when we take apart the frame for touring.

11 May 2010


Lines from Strike on Stage!

28 Apr 2010

Concert Next Wednesday!

Dave Samuels + Anders Åstrand + ANU DRUMatiX + Many guest percussionists from Canberra… including me!

06 Mar 2010


Developing LMTD2010 at Belconnen Arts Centre and Belconnen Theatre

04 Mar 2010

Namba Walk - Osaka

04 Mar 2010

LMTD2010 Projects

  1. Supercollider field recording and vocal soundscapes. 
  2. Ableton live - composition. 
  3. Arduino - accelerometer data + LEDs. 
  4. OF blob tracking.
13 Feb 2010


Various Diana Mini photos from Tokyo. Yay film!

30 Jan 2010

Japan Arduino Meeting

I met with my new friend Recotana (Osamu Funada) in Tokyo the other week. We had a coffee, talked about Arduino and iPhone apps, and walked around Akihabara looking at parts shops. His friend Hide was also there to help.  I was lucky to have them showing me around, even though I’ve been to Akihabara a few times he knew the good shops to visit which I’d never seen before.

12 Dec 2009

Open House residency at Canberra Youth Theatre

My residency with Last Man to Die at Canberra Youth Theatre is finished. We developed heaps of great ideas for our new works in 2010 and put on a fun performance on the 9th of December.

23 Aug 2009

Graduation Recital

I performed my final recital for the Master of Music course at the ANU School of Music in July.

19 Jul 2009

Networked Arduino Heartbeat sensor + SuperCollider

I made a simple heartbeat sensor using an Arduino which sends OSC signals at each heartbeat over a network. I’m using the heartbeat sensor as an awesome prop in my show  which is on at the Street Theatre in Canberra!

18 Jul 2009

Audio Studio in Ubuntu

I’m going to use an Ubuntu system to do some audio projects, so I wanted to figure out how to use Jack and some other applications that come with Ubuntu Studio.

24 May 2009

Review of Cognition Pt. 2

A review of Cognition Pt.2 featuring my piece, Duet for Vibraphone and Computer appeared in City News, October 2008.

07 Mar 2009

Heartbeat Sensor

I’m planning how I will make a MIDI heartbeat sensor, probably using my arduino.

25 Feb 2009

Supercollider + Safari 4.0 beta = bad

I installed Safari 4.0 beta this morning and later found that Supercollider would crash when I tried to open the help browser (html rendered by webkit). Returning to Safari 3 fixes this problem.

09 Nov 2008

Computer Music and Synthesis

In order to gain a fundamental knowledge of synthesis as a base for my research I chose to work from the textbook Computer Music using SuperCollider 3 by David Cottle. SuperCollider (or SC) is a program which aims to be a general tool for creating music on computer. It is extremely powerful and has a flexible and deep interface which makes it perfect for learning general techniques of synthesis. The following report explains some of the fundamental methods of synthesis and demonstrates how they can be implemented in SuperCollider.

17 Aug 2008

Pure Data Resources

When I started learning Pure Data (or Pd) a couple of weeks ago, it was difficult to find good tutorials and examples. In the end I used a couple of different tutorials to take my first steps in this language:

16 Nov 2007

Laserjet 1022n in Leopard

I updated to Leopard last night on my iBook G4 and was thrilled to find that my printer drivers had been deleted. After a furious search I found a press release from HP indicating that Leopard was supposed to delete old printer drivers and use newer built in drivers, supposedly there is a driver for my HP Laserjet 1022n but I couldn’t find it.

09 Apr 2007

Newcastle March 30/31

Cigars for the Man invited us to Newcastle to play two shows with them over this weekend. On friday we played the Cambridge Hotel with them. For us, it was a fairly unremarkable show. There were some technical difficulties with Tim’s mic and the foldback for my pad but it wasn’t too significant. Cigars were really fantastic though. AfThe bass player, Justin also plays in The Porkers as does Rob the trombonist. Their myspace belies the experience each of the members have as musicians and the energetic and convincing performance they made.

19 Mar 2007

Weekend in Melbourne

We had a weekend in Melbourne to play two shows - The Esplanade on Friday and Sounds Like Chicken’s final show out at a community centre in Bayswater. In spite (or because of) the reputation of the venue I’ve been disappointed with our previous shows at the Espy, but I really enjoyed Friday night. A few fans in the crowd knew some words had everybody dancing and the awesome sound guy set up quickly and mixed up a great sound.

10 Mar 2007

I played a show this evening in Cooma at the youth centre there. Since two bands pulled out, it was a short show with Los Cap, Strong Like Sam and an interesting metalcore two-piece. When we were about to play Scene Queen, Tim unexpectedly presented me with the microphone. Not one to leave such a challenge stand, I “sang” the whole song through. I even embellished my performance with some of Tim’s special brand of hardcore floor squirming.

13 Apr 2006

Cool Reggae jam

This is pretty unorganised but it was fun to make and has some nice ideas I might use again in future. I was inspired by Four Tet to use my soundblaster live mic for a lot of this. It captured some nice sounds!