Pure Data Resources / by Charles Martin

When I started learning Pure Data (or Pd) a couple of weeks ago, it was difficult to find good tutorials and examples. In the end I used a couple of different tutorials to take my first steps in this language:

  1. Linux Journal's Managing Audio with Pd. This is a simple absolute beginner's tutorial for Pd that explains the basic operations and aims to create a simple delay effect.
  2. The Tutorials that come with Pd! Pd comes with many (really a lot) of great tutorial patches. If you download Pd, you can go into the installed folder (on Mac OS X right click the Pd application and select ``Show Package Contents") and find the folder called ``doc". Inside here are numbered chapters of an enormous tutorial for Pd! Another way to find this folder is download the source code for Pd.
  3. Miller Puckette's book: The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music. This is a textbook written by the creator of Pd which uses the language to illustrate all the examples. It's distributed online for free!
  4. The help patches! When you're editing a Pd patch, you can right click on object and select ``Help". This (usually) opens another patch that explains the function of the object and gives an example. Awesome!