QR Code Scanner and time-shifted performance space

Last Man to Die are a cross-artform group based in Canberra, Australia. Their charter is to create new connections between three art forms: acting, percussion, and drawing through new interactive technologies and experimental performance. 

The group formed in 2008 after a collaboration with Canberra's Hunting Season  produced "Cognition" in Canberra and Melbourne. Since then, the group has created two major cross-artform works using an iterative process of experimental performances to prototype each aspect of the productions. "Vital LMTD" was produced as part of The Street Theatre's Made in Canberra  season and was also performed at the inaugural Crack Theatre Festival in Newcastle in 2009.

Hanna emitting DNA.

Throughout 2010 and 2011 the group toured "The Last Man To Die", a one-hour interactive work that explores possible consequences of artificially extending human lifespans. "The Last Man to Die" was performed in Canberra at the Street Theatre for National Science Week, in Brisbane as part of the Brisbane Festival's Under the Radar programme, in Perth as part of the Blue Room Theatre's curated programme and at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists in Sydney as a Space Program Residency.